The W Family | Arizona Winter Photography Session

Preparation pays off! When these stunning ladies hopped out of their SUV, I knew we would have a golden session. See for yourself. Apparently, mom started early that day making sure everyone got a shower :), hair was done, outfits complete, and even painted everyone's nails the same awesome purple color. For me, yah, that makes my job a little easier and a lot more fun, but it also pays off for the family experience. Some of the preparation done for your session is outward aesthetics, but thinking about these girls in and out of the bathroom, hair in curlers, wet nails-- all spending time together with a doting mom helping them look their best, these girls were ready, inside and out, to capture the love and care they share as a family. The best part for me was watching the impromptu leaf throwing at the end of the session. For all the care and attention paid to making everything perfect, the importance of that all fades away when they were just having fun. One thing I hope these girls never forget is how much their mama loves them!