California R Family | Winter Arizona Photography Family Sessions

Just as many parents I talk to, this concerned mama was hesitant to schedule a session because her new infant, who is fully adorable(!), couldn't quite sit up yet and is just at that stage where he doesn't do much except be happy or fussy. And in truth, it is sometimes a crap shoot to know which one it's going to be with a newbie. Since I guarantee my client's satisfaction 100%, I wasn't so concerned and assured her we could make it work. And we did! Certainly, infants can be hard when trying to get them mingled in with big people and make it look natural-- but I'm telling you-- the infants are not the hard part. Young, active, curious littles between ages 2-4 actually pose the biggest challenge during a photo session, IF (and only if) you aren't prepared. For parents, the key to making it work with littles of all ages is to just not get upset or stressed out when they don't do exactly what you want them to do, when you want them to do it. I mean, sure, you have to sorta keep them reined in, but it's usually not a good time for discipline or threats of discipline. The better course is to dangle out a fun incentive for good behavior! In the moment, some get concerned about wasting my time--, but please, please don't! The time I spend with you and your family having fun is premium photography time! During a session, we just try to have some fun and stay happy so that the smiles captured and the memories that remain are goodies.