Show me the love - Rootstown Family Portrait Photography

Lots of my clients choose me because they see life, energy, and happiness in my work. I try very hard to capture the very real faces, feelings, and personalities of all the wonderful people I work with. But entrenched in so many of our minds is the idea that there still needs to exist a "perfect" portrait, with everyone looking their spiffy best, standing straight, smiling at the camera. While I'm happy to come and take that picture for you, that's really all it is, isn't it? Just a picture? I would like to think that the people who choose me as their photographer would rather have life, laughter, and love captured as a memory they can cherish forever. So sure, my family portraits don't always fit into that very traditional 'picture perfect' mold, but they always ooze with love. And isn't that what it's all about? Love? And how more perfect can you get, than a family full of love and laughter??