Your memory is full of little moments. These moments aren't always marked by a special declaration or anniversary and so by nature, life makes it hard to remember... to remember. You feel these moments in very subtle ways— but they are none-the-less pivotal.  Those are the kinds of moments, the memories, the feelings you never want to forget and I strive to capture in my photography. Working with you to capture your moments is how I'm putting my mark on the world and hopefully doing some good.

A famous Italian novelist once wrote,

"We do not remember days, we remember moments."

This is something you may have heard before, but little know the sentence that follows:

"The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten."

Not to be melodramatic or anything, but isn't that a tragic thought? It is my mission to make sure you never forget!

You are full of love and empathy. Your relationships are your life's priorities. You are looking for a photographer who can capture those relationships in an emotional and meaningful way, but who can also make you look as radiant as you feel. You need someone that doesn't just work with model types, but knows how to make each unique individual's beauty shine through. And that person is me! 

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Thanks for coming to view my work and learn a little more about me!

Here's my story:

I was born and raised in Arizona. I had absolutely no intention of leaving. Ever. I loved growing up in a place that sent you out for school recess, only to get burns from the playground slide on your thighs (true!). I loved the feeling I got after spending time in a cold air-conditioned building and then sitting in my 120 degree car to thaw out.  I loved the late summer monsoons and dust storms that brought the smell of creosote bushes from the distance, the unforgiving desert, and the precious water that was so sparse, it almost seemed a miracle to see it flowing in a river. I loved seeing mountains in every direction and always knowing where I was just by looking at the horizon. I loved being an Arizonan and part of my own family
heritage that started generations back as ranchers, farmers, and lawmen in the Gila Valley.

But as much as I loved Arizona, I decided I loved the man I met there even more. So when it became a matter of marrying him and moving to Northeast Ohio versus staying in Arizona, well, you can see which one won. And I couldn’t be happier.

And as full and rich as my life feels, the pure happiness I get by spending time with my clients —you— the amazing people I am privileged to meet in this life who aren't afraid to love and love boldly— well, it's the reason for ALL OF THIS. 

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out and let's meet and chat! By now you should realize it won't be boring. In fact, we might actually hit it off (I'm betting so). Send me a note through the contact form below or just text me directly. 




All portrait sessions include: Session time & talent of Laura Ebie + Social media sneak peaks + an online gallery of 50*+ images for sharing and easy print ordering. Your session investment includes digital download & printing rights to your choice of 30 of these gorgeously edited and enhanced digital files. But you always have the option to order prints of the extra images you want or to purchase additional image downloads.

Lifestyle Family Session (60-90 mins) |  350 - 425**  

Welcome Baby Home Lifestyle Newborn + Family Session (90-120 mins) |  350 - 425** 

The First Hours Hospital Session (30 mins) |  175

The First Days at Home Session (45 mins)  | 225

High School Senior Session (45 mins) | 350

Child (Individual) Yearly Birthday Portraits  (45 mins) |  225

Multigenerational Family Portrait Session | 300 + 75 for each “family set”
Example: Parents + 3 Children, each with own families is 4 sets = 600
This session receives download & printing rights to 50 images.

She Said Yes Engagement Session (60 mins) | 350 (when booked separately from your wedding. Wedding Collections always include an engagement session-see below)

*Average number of images delivered. Number of images varies per session length. Shorter sessions yield less images, and longer yield more. Please note that ALL the images you receive are photoshopped (blemishes, closed eyes etc) and professional print ready.

** Session price determined by number of individuals, ages, and a number of other factors, not on the length of actual photography time. Never fear, I will take all the time I need to capture your most special moments. Please contact me for exact price quote of your session.


Have a baby shower, birthday or anniversary celebration coming up? Give the gift that never gets too small, never wears out, is deeply cherished, and lasts for generations. Plus, you don't have to roam the aisles looking for that "perfect gift". THIS IS IT! I can send you a link to download a gift certificate to print yourself, or I can hand-deliver it, perfectly boxed and gift wrapped, ready to give for that special occasion for just $5 more.




It is super important to me that we communicate personally to discuss your needs and how I can meet them. Before that happens, I know you want some basic info to make sure we’re initially on the same page.  I know that every bride (and family) I work with is unique in their needs and wish lists, so I offer fully customizable wedding collections; but because I also know this decision is more important to you than just one bottom-line factor, I want to meet you and talk you through your options.

Wedding Collections start at 1000

All collections include:

  • Engagement session

  • Wedding coverage, artistic vision, and talent by Laura Ebie

  • Day-after social media sneak peaks

  • Edited and enhanced digital files with printing rights

  • Online gallery for sharing, viewing, downloading and ordering

Additional services include event drone pictures, graphic design, printing and more. For more information, please reach out to set up a meeting!




You've looked around. You've read some stuff. Think we'd be a good fit? Maybe you want to work together? 

If you're ready to get more info, please reach out! I'm friendly and don't bite, promise. 

TEXT OR RING ME @ 330-581-2984

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When is your event? Or date you are looking to schedule?
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Include your digits if you prefer me to phone you!