Welcome Home BABY + Family Lifestyle Session (90 mins) | 375-425*

This session involves the whole family focusing on the new arrival. It’s in the nursery, on your bed, on the sofa— wherever is most natural for you and has nice sun coming in through the windows. It’s cuddling, snuggling, swaddling, napping, feeding, changing a diaper, giving a basin bath, reading books — again, what is most natural for you. I capture everyone together, everyone alone, lots of baby, and all the various groupings/pairings imaginable. It’s a lot less posing than you might be used to, but I’ll encourage you to just snuggle in, get close, and engage.

It usually lasts about 90 mins, because we take it VERY slow so there’s no melt downs, from anyone! Sometimes I get everything we need a lot sooner, sometimes just over an hour. It just depends. But never worry, I’ll also stay as long as it takes. The absolute last thing I need is a tired, hurting, emotional mama stressed out that her session minutes are going to run out. Or for that matter, have a hangry, tired, stressed, vulnerable Dad trying to respect my working time (or just trying to get it over with) get after the other kids to fall in line and do what we ask. AHH! It is just so unnecessary in my sessions. Sometimes EVERYBODY just needs to just chill out and take a break— in fact, I anticipate and plan for it.

*Pricing depends on the number of people involved in the session— just contact me your quote.


The First Hours Hospital Session (30 mins) |  175

Anyone that knows me knows these are my absolute favorite sessions. There’s just something magical about those first 48 hours of life. Wrinkly, red, fuzzy, bruised—it’s all part of the journey of bringing a life into the world. I love it because it truly documents the journey, the sacrifice, the miracle (and it’s not uncommon to see a small tear from behind the camera). It seems that in those moments, we are all laser focused on what is most important in this life. FAMILY. You want to think you’ll never forget the feeling and memories of your new family all together— safe and lovingly cared for behind those seemingly unpenetrable hospital walls. The reality is, those memories seem to fade the fastest because everyone is just so dang tired. I absolutely LOVE and feel it my absolute honor to be there to capture it for you, so that you never DO forget!

It’s quick, pretty non-disruptive, and goes smoothly most every time. The hospital environment is what it is, which makes it just exactly perfect. This is *usually* just dad, mom, and baby, only because it gets tight in a hospital room and nobody wants me hanging around for much longer. But if you have a suite or the space allows for it, I’m okay with others being a part of it. But remember, its short (and I promise you’ll WANT it that way), so be judicious on who is there with you.


The First Days at Home Session (35-45 mins)  | 225

This is a shorter version of the full lifestyle session (see above). This session is BEST (even preferred) if it’s baby #1 and it’s literally in the first couple weeks baby is home (they are the most cooperative). It may seem like 45 minutes is plenty of time for ANY session at home. But I just want to remind you, this involves NEWBORNS! Remember how unpredictable that is? Plus, we’re not just doing point and shoot here—that’s why you like my style :) We’re capturing emotion, interactions, life, memories— its just a little more of a nuanced art that takes a certain amount of time with each individual.

I want this to be a great experience for everyone, so I’ll be really honest with you because I’ve done this a lot: This session is most likely too short to have lots of people involved. That said, I am ALWAYS open to talking about what you are looking for and what you hope to get out of the session, so don’t think these are hard and fast rules.